2 years ago

Cedric Klapisch’s “Greek Salad” starts shooting in Athens


Amazon Prime Video France has unveiled a slate of originals, including Cedric Klapisch’s “Greek Salad” — a series sequel to the “L’Auberge Espanole” trilogy

“Greek Salad” will be set in Athens, Greece, and follow the children of Xavier and Wendy, who were played by Romain Duris and Kelly Reilly, respectively, in “L’Auberge Espanole,” “Russian Dolls” and “Chinese Puzzle.”

Shooting is expected to start in a couple of weeks and will last until early June

The series will follow the journey of two protagonists who are 19 and 25, roughly the same age as Xavier, Duris’ character in the trilogy, as they deal with everyday life, the financial crisis, sexual identity issues, as well as the situation facing migrants in Greece.

“‘Greek Salad’ will deliver a young person’s perspective on Europe today and examine what it’s like to live together in this world,” said Klapisch, who previously directed the series “Call My Agent!,” during the presentation. Lola Doillon and Antoine Garceau in charge of spearheading the writers’ room for “Greek Salad.”