Kino Athens Film Festival


IFFA (Independent Film Festival of Athens) focuses on unusual films which challenge their viewers. We believe in the power of films to inspire change within our society.

IFFA believes that independent filmmaking is vital to galvanize communal discourse and is committed to curating equitable and inclusive programs for all. Via screenings, Q&As, talks, exhibitions, IFFA intends to enhance dialogue, promote learning and create a community based on cinema.

IFFA’s program will center on daring filmmaking that embraces fearless artistic crossover works. We constantly look for fresh films, visual innovations, daring experimentation and new approaches to the visual arts. IFFA supports freedom enhancing cinema and new methods of visual artistic creation. We commit ourselves to staying free and open to continuous discovery.

This year’s edition took place in Serafeio complex and Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation with the support of the City of Athens and the Athens Film Office.