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Confini: Italian International Film Residency


Confini (literally “borders”) is a cultural association founded in March 2022 in Trentino, Italy in order to organize the homonymous artistic residence. It is the first artistic residence in Trentino dedicated to cinema. What further characterises the project is the choice of the analogue medium: the aim of each artist in residence is in fact to make their own short film exclusively in 35mm film.

Confini is aimed at young professionals from the film industry from all over the world, who have already started to develop skills in the field, but who want to experiment with film for the first time. The troupe of artists in residence will consist of 10 directors, 10 cinematographers, 10 camera operators and 10 producers, making a total of 40 professionals selected on the basis of their script and CV. All participants must be between 18 and 35 years old and be able to work in English.

Confini will be an opportunity for training and artistic research. All filmmakers in residence will have the opportunity to be guided by internationally renowned mentors: each department (direction, production, photography and camera) will be headed by a senior professional to whom each participant can refer throughout the residence. Specifically, the first week of the residency will be dedicated to training and mentoring activities, followed by filming during the second and last week. The directors, who will also have the task of writing a screenplay specifically designed for Confini, will start working with the mentor of reference in the weeks preceding the residency, in order to arrive at the in-person activities with the final screenplay and allow the other departments to start working.

All useful information for participation: https://www.instagram.com/confini.residency/guide/film-residency/17870807456682914/

Confini website: www.confini.org