1 year ago

Costume Design in TV – AFFF TALKS – Athens Film Office


Tuesday 14 March | 15:30 – 17:00  |  The discussion will be held in GREEK.

Panel Moderation: Eleni Kechagia

In recent years, television productions have become increasingly strong in the public’s consciousness. How decisive is the costume design approach for the outcome of a series? What is most challenging for a costume designer? Working for a production that is set in the past, or for one that is set in the present? How much weight do viewers place on the character’s role through their outfit? How easy is it to give a character to a role using norms and how much is it appropriate to do so? How much weight do Greek TV productions give and how much weight do we fall short compared to abroad; what are the steps to build a role costume-wise – how much “reading” and how many resources are needed?

AFFF starts its program with this opening roundtable consisting of people with deep knowledge and experience around costume design, giving weight and space to a topic and subject that plays a key role in the overall effect of a TV series and the feeling of the final recipient, the viewer.

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