8 months ago

Launch of the online platform “Filmmakers-for-Ukraine”

Ribbons with the symbols of Ukraine and the European Union

In the days after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, the
team at the film network Crew United decided to turn their attention to doing
what they normally do for the film industry as a whole, specifically for the people
of Ukraine, and that is bring people together and provide them with verified
information. The online platform “Filmmakers-for-Ukraine” is an information site
where Ukrainian filmmakers and their families can find help fast.
“Our actual mission is to connect people to make films together, but right now it is
just more important to bring people together to help people,” Crew United’s CEO
Oliver Zenglein explains, drawing on the resources from his extensive network for

In collaboration with professional associations, institutions and numerous colleagues
from the film industry, Crew United has worked day and night since the first attacks
to create an online platform with the declared goal of informing people in a simple and
up-to-the-minute way about offers of aid coming from all European countries. The
support is specifically oriented towards Ukrainian filmmakers and their families, and
towards disadvantaged groups and minorities in Ukraine, such as BIPoC, LGBTQIA+,
Roma, people with disabilities, children, and sick and elderly people.

The platform provides people in Ukraine seeking help and people who wish to offer
support with information on the issues of transport, shelter, work, medical assistance,
food, clothing, etc. as well as contacts to psychological and legal aid.

Specializing on information from the film industry, “Filmmakers-for-Ukraine” contains
offers of assistance, fundraising campaigns, petitions and appeals from the film
industry. There is also an information page curated by film journalists containing
sources of important documentary and feature films about Ukraine. A blog reports,
for instance, on key cultural activities for helping Ukraine, and publishes urgent calls
for help from people in need. Furthermore, the job and accommodation market on
Crew United is to be expanded to enable jobs and housing opportunities for Ukrainian
filmmakers to be advertised.

“With “Filmmakers-for-Ukraine” we are focusing on the work, the offerings and the
network of initiators in our industry, because we have great contacts there,” says
Oliver Zenglein. Crew United has been active in the film industries in Poland and
France for a year now, and it is preparing launches in Lithuania, Romania, Greece,
Italy and Spain. The platform already provides information about assistance and
activities in Poland, Lithuania, Romania and other European countries, and far more
information is constantly being added.

Call for help and support
“Filmmakers-for-Ukraine” has been set up in no time flat, and we are growing it every
day. We are always grateful for anyone who wants to help,” comes the call from the
Crew United editorial team. We are looking for partners and backers from the industry
who can provide helpful information and notify about planned activities. We are in
urgent need of volunteers to help us keep our information well structured and up to
If you are interested in helping, please contact [email protected]
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