2 years ago

“Say Cheese” enters last week of shooting

Céline Nieszawer

Hamelin Family returns to Greece after twenty years aiming at reviving the ”Golden Holidays” of 1988. Thierry has organized everything so that this trip reunites the whole family through the happy and carefree memories they once shared in Greece. However, he is not that lucky as he somehow manages to get into trouble all the time. Will his plan have a happy end after all?

It is a character comedy set against the Greek Summer. The film aims at making the audience laugh with their hearts seeing the various funny situations the Hamelin family gets into, while on the other hand it touches upon family bonds in a very gentle and humorous way.

Céline Nieszawer

Director & Scriptwriter :  François Uzan

Director Of Photography : Philippe Guilbert 

Cast : Jacques Gamblin, Pascale Arbillot, Pablo Pauly, Agnès Hurstel, LUDOVIK

Production company : Radar Films and Unagi 

Producers : Clément Miserez, Matthieu Warter, Anthony Lancret 

Executive Producer : Benjamin Phuong Dung

Coproduction : Orange Studio, France 3 Cinéma, Unagi

Partners : OCS, Ciné +

Greek Executive Production Company: BLONDE S.A.

With the support of EKOME, E.OT. (Greek National Tourism Office)

Shooting starts on the 13th of July and for 5 weeks / Locations in Greece : Plaka, Acropolis, Athens Riviera, Charakas Beach, Aegina, Afaia Temple.