1 year ago

Series Mania to open with Cédric Klapisch’s ‘Greek Salad’


Series Mania will kick off its 2023 event with Cédric Klapisch’s Amazon French Original series Greek Salad before serving up 32 world premieres, an industry Forum, and closing with Anna Winger’s Netflix series Transatlantic.

The International Competition of the annual television festival and industry event includes Franco-Belgian Arte series Grace of Heaven, Apple TV+, France Televisions and Hulu Japan’s Drops of God, Paramount+’s Spanish Fleeting Lies, Reshet 13’s Israeli series Red Skies, Viaplay’s Norwegian The Fortress and Prime Video’s US series The Power. Among the titles from countries represented for the first time are Mega TV’s Greek series Milky Way and Namanva’s Iranian series The Actor.

Series Mania’s opener Greek Salad is Klapisch’s Athens-set series sequel to his popular features L’Auberge Espagnole, Russian Dolls and Chinese Puzzle which follows the characters years later along with their children, a new generation grappling with issues facing today’s youth.

Set in Marseilles, Unorthodox creator Winger’s closing series Transatlantic is based on a true story and follows an international group who helped thousands of refugees in France escape Nazi Germany in the 1940s and stars Gillian Jacobs, Corey Stoll, Gregory Montel and Lucas Englander.

Source: https://www.screendaily.com/news/series-mania-to-open-with-cedric-klapischs-greek-salad-includes-32-world-premieres/5178953.article